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Read the article (PDF: HUMA 4326 – Education) and answer the following questions:

1-What are the antecedents of Latino educational institutions from the times of conquest and colonization?

2-Explain the links between the Catholics and educational institutions in Latino communities.

3-Expound on how students were divided into different schools according to their "race" in Texas.

4-Explain other cases of educational segregation that occurred in Kansas and in Arizona.

5-Summarize facts about the restricted access to university education for Latinos in the nineteenth century until 1940.

6-How did WWII influence Latino civil rights? What changes took place in the educational system?

7-Discuss the changes and developments that took place with the arrival of Cuban refugees in 1960.

8-What was the importance of the Chicano and Puerto Rican Civil Rights Movements?

9-What were the causes for the Latino's complaints and protests about the education system (1990-2000)?

10-What is the situation and risks for undocumented Latino students? What is the DREAM Act?

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