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If the caffeine concentration in a particular brand of soda is 2.75mg/oz, drinking how many cans of soda would be lethal? assume 10.0g of caffeine is a lethal dose, and there are 12oz in a can.

A lethal dose would be 300 cans of soda.

This is a problem in unit conversion.

You have to convert grams of caffeine → milligrams of caffeine → ounces of soda → cans of soda.

10.0 g caffeine × ##"1000 mg caffeine"/"1 g caffeine" × "1 oz soda"/"2.75 mg caffeine" × "1 can"/"12 oz soda"## =

300 cans soda

Notice how the conversion factors are set up to make the units cancel and give the desired units for the answer.

Note: The answer can have only 2 , because that is all you gave for the ounces of soda in a can. If you need more precision, you will have to recalculate.

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