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If the claims of an expert turn out to be in error, were you unreasonable in having accepted them in the first place? Why, or why not? Explain. Your original paper should be 350-500 words in length,

Analyze the argument passage below, addressing the following as appropriate:

1. Specify the issues addressed;

2. Identify premises and conclusions;

3. Classify each premise as inductive or deductive;

4. Supply missing premises;

5. Separate arguments from window dressing;

6/ Identify claims better left unstated.

“I’ve already won a hundred dollars in the state lottery, and hardly anyone wins that much twice. So I’m not likely to win that much again.”

Your original paper should be 350-500 words in length, double spaced, and typed in Arial 12-point font. Any outside sources used should be referenced properly per APA standards.

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