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Impacts of Digital Media

Impacts of Digital Media" Please respond to the following:

  • Refer to pages 248-251 in Chapter 11, and identify three (3) ways that Marc Lynch sees new digital media as challenging the power of Arab states. Next, discuss two (2) positive and two (2) negative outcomes that you believe this medium could have on future social uprisings both in the United States and around the globe.
  • In the plot of the 2013 movie, “Her”, there is a relationship that develops between the human male character and the female computer personality embedded within the Operating System (similar to Siri in iPhones). Suggest three (3) ways that human-computer personality relationships in the future may function, especially as these computer personalities get more advanced in helping humans within an operating system. Note: See the author’s synopsis of the movie on pages 260-262. You may want to use the Internet to search for the trailer on this movie.
  • Suggest two (2) negative experiences that people may encounter while using the Internet. Next, describe two (2) negative experiences you have personally experienced while using the Internet followed by two (2) positive experiences you have experienced while using the Internet.
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