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Important: Always include a label under your photograph with artist name, title of artwork, date of artwork--eg., Jan van Eyck, Man in a Red Turban ,...


  1. Always include a label under your photograph with artist name, title of artwork, date of artwork--eg., Jan van Eyck,Man in a Red Turban, 1433. If you can't find the artist's name, the title or date, pick another work.
  2. Always include an information source for your essay: website, article, book, encyclopedia, museum label, video, properly formatted (see style/citation guide below--url alone not accepted, must be formatted).


In this module we learned about the art of prehistoric Africa. The goal of these focus discussions is to connect an ancient global culture to diversity issues in the United States today. Therefore, in a thoughtfully constructed college-level essay, address the following question: Do African American artists today identify with their ancestral past in Africa? Are there echoes of specifically African art in the shared cultural memory of African American artists today? Whenever relevant, describe how this differs from your own experience. Pick one work of art by a living African-American (must self-identify as American) artist as an example. Use detailed visual analysis of the work and/or published research or comments by the artist to support your interpretation. Please note that this question DOES NOT address the black experience in America, but rather historical Africa, as it relates to cultural 'memory'.

*Important*: Always provide visual analysis/a description of the artwork you are using as an example. You should describe the visual aspects of the work in detail in an attempt to support your argument. 

Once this assignment has been graded, please read comments/feedback. You will find comments and feedback embedded in the rubric and/or in the comment bubble below your grade.

Apply the following instructions to all Focus Discussion posts:

  • Respond to this question in 10 complete sentences (minimum) and upload an image of a work of art that supports your point of view. Discuss the work of art in your response, using it as an example. Always label your works with artist, title, date. If you cannot find this information, including title and date, then pick another work. Provide a visual description of your work, in support of your argument, using language from your intro module reading (eg., composition, media, line, color, style, etc.)
  • After you have uploaded your response and image, critically respond to the two previous threads by two different coursemates. Be sure to include the first name of the student you are responding to. If you are the first or second to post, then reply to following posts. Your critical response may be either typed or in the form of a video response. Your critical response must include at least 3 relevant, engaged observations. 'Fluff' comments will not be accepted. Refer to specific points in coursemates' responses, and be as specific as possible. This is an academic exercise, so do not generalize. Do you agree with your coursemate on this subject? Why? Why not? In your critical response note at least one area in which your coursemate might have improved her/his/their argument. Do not say you 'like' your coursemate's post and merely summarize what she/he/they said. This is 'fluff' for which you will not receive points. Your replies are intended to help your coursemate improve her/his/their work.
  • Your image must be viewable from the board. Do not submit your image as an attachment. To embed an image from the internet, use landscape icon in tool band above the text box. From there, you will paste the URL of your image found on the web (to copy image url: place cursor over image--for pc right click; for mac control click--touch 'copy image address').
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