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Donald Trump on Terrorism and National Security


Blog Entry Guidelines

Blog entries are submitted through the “Current Events Blog” link under information.  

•  Read the article and/or watch the video

• Summarize the content of the article in one paragraph.  You do not need to go into significant detail, but imagine you are explaining the article to your roommate – how would you describe it?

• In the second paragraph, make a connection to something we have talked about in class and/or an article we have read and/or something you hope we do talk about – something that worries you etc.  

• Include a link to the article and/or video that you use.

• When you post your blog, use your name as the name of the blog.  Put all entries under your name so it is a continuous blog.  It is easier to read if you cut and paste rather than attach a document.  

• Other students may have chosen the same article and/or same event and that is fine.

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