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INF 103 Week 1 Discussion Questions

This paperwork of INF 103 Week 1 Discussion Questions contains:

DQ 1: After reading Chapters 1-3, review the videos Ray Kurzweil on How Technology Will Transform Us and Ray Kurzweil: A University for the Coming Singularity. (Interactive transcripts are also available on the TED web site.) Based on what you have learned, which of Kurzweil's predictions do you agree with, and which do you doubt? Why? Please be specific. Are you thrilled or worried about the coming singularity and exponential technology advances? Make your case with specific supporting materials.

DQ 2: You must begin working on this important assignment this week. To get started, you will select a theme/topic from the suggested list found within the Research Project instructions found in Week 5. If you have a theme/topic other than one listed, please submit it to your instructor for approval. After selecting a theme, begin brainstorming a plan on how to approach this exercise publicly through this discussion forum. The discussion post must include the following information in a couple of detailed and descriptive paragraphs:

Select a topic and explain why you chose the theme/topic (what interests you about this topic?).

Research some preliminary Internet and/or library resources to be used in writing your research paper.

Describe how you plan to meet and apply APA standards of professional writing to your research paper.

Include other ideas and planning efforts you wish to document, including your use of Diigo. All preplanning efforts used in the development of your research project will help you achieve success during the next five weeks.

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