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Interpreting a political cartoon for a history course, which is attached below.

Interpreting Political Cartoons

Inthe Gilded Age, political cartoons provided important commentary on the majoreconomic, political, and social issues of the day. Cartoon artists employedsymbolism, exaggeration, labeling, analogy, and irony to express theirviewpoint.

Tounderstand how to analyze political cartoons, make sure to complete the“Analyzing Primary Sources” activity in section 4.3 of your textbook, and thenvisit the Library of Congress’s Political Cartoon Analysis page.Once you have a good idea of how to analyze political cartoons, choose one ofthe cartoons below and respond to the following:

  1.   Identify thecharacter(s) in the cartoon.
  1.  Identify thesymbols and actions the artist employs in the cartoon.
  1.   Explain thecartoon’s message, intended audience, and if the artist was persuasive totheir intended audience.

Thecombined answers should be one page, including your reference list. Youranswers to these questions should be accurate, thorough, written in completesentences. Be sure to cite the textbook at least once and reference thetextbook in APA formatting.

Ifyou need more guidance, you can read this Sample Assignment, so youwill have an idea about the type of response your instructor will be lookingfor.

Cartoon 1 

Jerry Tavin/Everett Collection

Cartoon 2

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