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Interpreting the MANOVA

For this assignment, you are provided with the results of a MANOVA and the associated hypothesis that was tested in the analysis. You are to evaluate the output of the MANOVA that was conducted using Minitab to test the hypothesis provided. Next, you will provide an interpretation of the Minitab output in the context of the hypothesis given. Finally, you will discuss one potential covariate that could be added to this analysis and explain why this covariate may affect the MANOVA results provided.

Hypothesis: There will be a significant effect of the social support condition on both respiratory sinus arrhythmia (RSA) and mean blood pressure (MBP). More specifically, those in the emotional support condition will have higher RSA but lower MBPs compared to all other conditions.

Your focus will be to:

  • Examine the study description and output provided and write an APA-style interpretation of results.
  • Discuss one possible covariate that could be included in the analysis.
  • Discuss the possible impact that including this covariate may have on the observed results.

Cite your sources on a separate page using APA format and attach a Report.

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