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Issue Statement Essay Options

Issue Statement Essay Options

Select one. Due Date June 12, 2017 (2-3 pages)

1. The United States Congress should not pass an immigration bill that criminalizes the foreign nationals presently living in the United States without proper documentation.

2. The national and effected state governments are obligated to rebuild the Gulf coast devastated by hurricane Katrina and the resulting flood guaranteeing a place for all victims who wish to return.

3. The United States health care debate. Discuss the government’s responsibility in relationship to the health of its' citizens.

4. The United States has the right and responsibility to stop Iran from developing nuclear capability.

5. The USA Patriot Act restricts too many civil liberties of U.S. citizens.

6. With the Voting Rights Act being 50 years, why must citizens continually face challenges to exercise the right to vote? Explain.

7. Of the Executive Order President Trump has signed, which one will have the greates

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