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Just see the attchment and follwo the instructions

Critical Methods and MLA: Practice the critical and analytical methodologies of the Humanities, including MLA citation format.

  • Students will read the introduction from Thomsen’s book Mapping World Literature (provided as both a pdf under the Week 1 Module on eLearn and hardcopy in class.

  •   Students will use the information in Thomsen’s book Mapping World Literature to help them respond to questions. 

    • Students should answer each question as completely as possible.

    •   Students should mark questions that they find particularly challenging.

    •   The work can be completed by handwriting (legibly) on notebook paper, which can then be turned

      in as clear, high-res digital photos in the dropbox) or typing in a digital document (Word document,

      pdf, NOT an apple file), which can then be submitted to the dropbox as is. 

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