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Law Essay

These are the instructions:

Army Regulation 600-13 provides the following: “The Army’s assignment policy for female soldiers allows women to serve in any officer or enlisted specialty or position except in those specialties, positions, or units which are assigned a routine mission to engage in direct combat.”

G.I. Jane, a recent graduate of Virginia Military Institute, has applied for an officer position in a unit that routinely engages in direct combat. Because Jane is female, her application is denied under AR 600-13. Does AR 600-13 violate the Biblical Equality Principle discussed in the course materials?

Your essay must be at least 3–5 pages of research in current Bluebook format. It must include at least 3 scholarly Journal sources in addition to the course textbook and the Bible. Please include page number on all source citations.

This is the textbook referred to: Herbert W. Titus, God, Man, and Law: The Biblical Principles (1st ed. 1994). ISBN: 9780916888176.

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