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Leadership PowerPoint- 15 hours to complete

Use the instructions and table below to create a PowerPoint to complete the assignment. The PowerPoint should not contain pages of paragraphs or endless bulleted lists. Smart Art is preferred/required with notes in the appropriate section for further explanation. Read instructions carefully. The table containing the 7 organization actions and 12 leadership actions is attached. This Powerpoint is worth 100 points for me although it looks simple. :)


Consider your current work environment or one that you desire to join. Through a PowerPoint® presentation, propose a team approach to achieve a long-term business goal. Assume this presentation is being made to the executive team of the organization.

Develop a slide presentation that includes the following:

  • Title slide – remember that this is being presented to the executive team.
  • Introduction – Be sure to introduce the reason you are proposing a team approach by identifying the long-term business goal you desire to achieve.
  • Actions for the organization level – Identify which of the 7 actions are appropriately established and which need to be revised or developed. (TABLE ATTACHED)
  • Actions at the leader level – Using the 12 actions that leaders can take as a model, identify three strengths that seem generally consistent among leaders in the organization and three opportunities for development. (TABLE ATTACHED) 
  • Reference for table: Dubrin, A. (2016). Leadership: research finding, practice, and skills.  8th Ed. Boston, MA: Cengage Learning
  • Recommendations – Using persuasive language and negotiating skills
    • Make recommendations for policy and structure changes to better enable the successful deployment of a team approach.
    • Make recommendations for leader training and development to help the team approach succeed.
    • Conclude with a call to action that seeks sponsorship and support for this initiative.

Provide Detailed Notes – The detail of what would be your verbal presentation must be represented in the notes section of each slide.

  • Demonstrate mastery of the topics.
  • Inform and persuade your audience of your choices.
  • While “Content” points may be earned through the individual slides, the use of research will be demonstrated through the notes.
  • “Analysis” points will mostly be earned through the notes of each slide.
  • Include citations, as needed.
  • References – any references used may be placed in the notes section of the concluding slide as it is not necessary for the audience to see this list.

Professional presentation, clarity of slides:

  • It is important that the slides be streamlined, interesting, and professional.
  • The use of an appropriate template, SmartArt to graphically depict information, and use of graphics to enhance the message is important. Do not just submit a plain PowerPoint deck that is filled with words and bullet point lists.
  • The presentation must be interesting and visually appealing and memorable.
  • Slides should not be overly cluttered and should be easily viewed when presented in a large setting. Use an appropriate font and font size.
  • Slides must be grammatically correct and free of misspelled words.
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