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LISTEN to 2 podcasts from How To Think About Science PAPER

For this assignment, will be required to listen to two Podcasst from the CBC series “How To Think About Science”.  These podcasts deal with topics related to the materials we will cover in this course.  The Podcasts are at:   http://www.cbc.ca/ideas/episodes/2009/01/02/how-to-think-about-science-part-1---24-listen/ (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site..  You can also find the podcasts by simply googling “How to think about science cbc podcasts”.  Doing a search might be easier than using the url I give above since the url keeps changing.  You will need RealPlayer to listen to these Podcasts, but this site will direct you to the proper download if you do not have it installed already.  Feel free to listen to podcasts other than the ones I have selected.  You can read about the topics at the index page of this website. 

LISTEN to two of the podcasts from this series other than the subject of your first podcast essay.

WRITE a 3-page (minimum) paper about this podcast in which you reflect about how the subjects of the podcasts relate to the topics we have been studying in this course (DO NOT DO PODCAST #2).  Writing more than 3 pages can help your grade, although you must include substantial ideas and comments in your paper in order to receive the highest grades.

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