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Literary essay on Disgrace by J.M Coetzee

First of all, In order to do this essay you need to READ the book 'Disgrace' by J.M Coetzee. The topic of the essay has to be the analysis of one of these characters: Lucy Lurie, Melanie Isaacs or Petrus. Also, the roll that one of the same character played in advancing the overall theme of the novel. 

  • Include an introduction with a clear thesis statement, body paragraphs, and a conclusion.
  • Use at least three quotes from the book.
  • When citing your sources, use MLA style for literary essays. It is helpful to keep your handbook open to the MLA tab as you write.
  • Minimum 850 words.
  • Use specific supporting details from the book and at least two from outside sources.Go to the Miami Dade Databases (not Google) for your sources.

The following are not acceptable sources:

    • Class Lecture Notes
    • Textbooks
    • Study Guides (SparkNotes, Cliff Notes, BookRags etc.)
    • Wikipedia/ Encyclopedias
    • Dictionaries
    • Popular Magazines (People, Glamour etc.)
    • Popular information websites such as about.com or Ask.com
    • Personal Blogs
  • NOT plagiarism.
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