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MATH 156 Week 8 Assignment Ch 6 and Ch 7 Test

In this paperwork of MATH 156 Week 8 Assignment Ch 6 and Ch 7 Test you will find the next information:

1) Write the numbers in order of increasing size. 0.08, 0.01, 0.018, 0.0812) Annie's cafe borrows $9300 at 8% for 50 days. Find the total amount that must be repaid after the 50 days. (Use a 365 day year.)3) The parking lot at a grocery store has 50 cars in it. 46% of the cars are blue. How many cars are blue?4) Perform the indicated operation.5) The fuel for a gas snowblower consists of 1.7 parts oil to 30.6 parts gas. Determine the ratio of oil to gas in simplest form.6) A stockbroker sold 35 shares of stock for $28.74 each. What was the total amount of the sale?7) A teacher bought a package of 48 markers for her first-grade class. After one school year, 13 markers were still working. What fraction of the package of markers was working? Express the result using a simple, convenient fraction that is close in value to the exact answer.8) Find the amount of money in an account after 12 years if $1000 is deposited at 5% annual interest compounded quarterly.9) For lunch, Jamie bought a 8-inch submarine sandwich. What fraction of a foot was Jamie's sandwich? (1 foot = 12 inches)10) An 8-oz bottle of hair spray costs $3.66. Find the unit price in cents per ounce.11) On a biology test, a student got 25 questions correct but did not pass. On a second attempt, the student got 32 questions correct. What was the percent of increase?12) The restaurant bill is $43.72. Give the estimate of a 15% tip and the exact amount of a 15% tip.13) Write the decimal in the form indicated. 2 6 1. 0 9; expanded exponential form14) Write the fraction as a percent.15) Solve the problem. Express your answer in simplest form.16) Find the percent of the figure that is shaded.17) Write the decimal representing the given rational number.18) Write as a percent.19) Write the fraction that represents the shaded area.20) Find the sum.21) Write the percent as a decimal.22) Write the fraction as a terminating decimal.23) Write the number in scientific notation. 7, 600,000,000,00024) Express the ratio in simplest form. 7 feet to 80 inches25) Anne and Michael both put $5000 in a savings account. Anne gets 8% APR compounded monthly. In Michael's account, the interest is compounded annually. Two years later the amount in Anne's account is exactly the same as the amount in Michael's account. What can you conclude about the interest rate for Michael's account?

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