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MB 515 Economic Theory Final Team Project Assignment The idea or goal of the final team project in MB 515 is to apply one or more of the tools...

Hello, I need on this project- I need to do steps 2, 4 and 5. I have struggled with this class for the past 7 weeks and I truly need someone to help me. I have attached the outline. Our project is to create a survey with a series of questions, we will all be surveying 10 people and having them answer 30 questions in regards to driving on vacation based on miles, the age of the vehicle and the price of gas. Our goal is to find the relationship between the miles that people drive on vacation to the price of gas, age of the vehicle and the number of children that will also be taken on vacation. 

Our equations would be:

M= a +bP + cA + dN

M= Miles people drive on vacation

P+ Price of gas per gallon

A= Age of the vehicle

N= Number of Children in the family

We will be doing a regression analysis on the price per gallon of gas, as well as one for the age of the car , and one for the number of children. 

I need to do the following: So he wants it broken down like this.

1. Relationship between miles and price of gas, questions 3-12, 10 questions * 30 surveys = 300 observations 

2. Relationship between miles and age of the car, questions 13-23, 11 questions, 330 observation. 

3. Relationship between miles and number of children, questions 24-29, 6 questions, 180 observations 

4. Relationship between miles and price of gas, age of car, number of children, M=f(P,A,N)

5. Relationship between miles and price of gas, age of car, M=f(P,A)

6. Relationship between miles and price of gas, number of children, M=f(P,N)

7. Relationship between miles drove on vacation to age of car, using the answers from questions 1 and 2.

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