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Memo for Homeland Securrity

CJST 4578/6678 SAMPLE memorandum

 [Opening – say why you are writing this. Explain your overall argument. Put that argument in context with larger debates or topics. Do not use facts or supporting evidence here. 1/4memo]

[Summary – this is a discussion of the details of your argument/purpose in writing. Here you give 3-4 detailed points that, together, make-up the overall argument you laid out in the Opening. This section should use short quotes, statistics or other evidence to support each claim made. You may use citations here, if you do, use Turabian for your footnotes. 1/2 memo]

[Closing – tell the reader the big implication of your argument. Suggest further questions, research, or other activity that your exploration of the topic has led you to. In other words, tell the reader why what you wrote is important and what to do next, if anything. 1/4 memo]

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