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MGT 307 Final Exam B. DONE.Pdf

This file MGT 307 Final Exam B. DONE.Pdf contains solutions to the following questions:

1) From its scientific heritage, organizational behavior has developed all of the following EXCEPT:

2) __________ is a multidisciplinary field devoted to understanding individual and group behavior, interpersonal processes, and organizational dynamics.

3) Organizational behavior is an interdisciplinary body of knowledge with strong ties to all of the following disciplines EXCEPT:

4) Organizations are encouraged to develop a dominant and coherent set of __________. Although every member may not agree with them, all members will know they are important.

5) Three important levels of cultural analysis in organizations are __________.

6) Managers can modify the __________ of culture, such as the language, stories, rites,

rituals, and sagas.

7) Scientific methods models are simplified views of reality that try to identify major

factors and forces underlying real-world phenomenon.

8) Common forms of unintentional ethics lapses that individuals should guard

against include all of the following EXCEPT:

9) When it comes to ethics and morality, scholar Archie B. Carroll draws a

distinction between __________.

10) The difficulties with cross-cultural communication are perhaps most obvious

with respect to __________.

11) There are six sources of noise that are common to most interpersonal exchanges. These six sources are __________.

12) Which of the following statements about the role of language in cross-cultural communication is NOT correct?

13) Members of __________ must have good long-term working relationships with one another, solid operating systems, and the external support needed to achieve effectiveness over a sustained period of time.

14) __________ may exist at all levels of responsibility, from the individual work unit composed of a team leader and team members to the top management team composed of a CEO and other senior executives.

15) __________ typically work with a target completion date and disband once their purpose has been fulfilled.

16) Whenever he is involved in a disagreement, Harry tries to partially satisfy both his concerns and the other party's concerns through bargaining and appropriate trade-offs. Harry uses which conflict management style?

17) Sheila is assertive and uncooperative in dealing with others during conflict. She goes against the wishes of others and uses her authority to gain compliance. Sheila uses which conflict management style?

18) Ken is being cooperative but unassertive with his employees during a conflict situation. He tries to smooth over their differences but it only produces a false sense of harmony among them. Ken is using which conflict management style?

19) In the context of motivation, level refers to __________.

20) Content theories attempt to explain work behaviors based on _______________.

21) In the context of motivation, persistence refers to __________.

22) Even though homogeneous teams may struggle in the short run to resolve issues, they are also likely to develop enhanced performance potential once things are worked out.

23) In general, chances for long-term group success are better when the group input foundations

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