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MGT 350 Week 5 Credenhill Simulation Paper

In the file MGT 350 Week 5 Credenhill Simulation Paper Critical Thinking Strategies in Decision Making there is a solution on this task:

"Thinking Critically Simulation Review. Use the link provided on your student website to complete the Thinking Critically Simulation. Be sure to have access to the following documents located on your student w ebsite to assist in completing the simulation:

1. Problem Solving Tools and Techniques

2. Decision Making Steps

3. Decision Making Worksheet

Discuss your impression of the simulation and the findings you have recorded on the three documents listed above. Prepare a 1,050- to 1,400 - word paper in which you summarize the content of the simulation and respond to the following questions:

- What problem evaluation tools and techniques were encountered in the simulation and how do they differ from the tools and techniques that you would have used in this


- Describe the evaluation tools and techniques that you would have applied.

- How did these techniques assist with the evaluation of decision - making processes and outcomes?

- What was the outcome reached in the simulation (also, tell me what

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