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MKT111B: Green Assessment As we continue through this class, you will be using a 5-step critical thinking problem-solving process, IDEAS, to work...


Many companies today are considering “going green” or have already “gone green”. That is, companies are considering the adoption of a range of environmentally conscious initiatives, such as replacing light bulbs with more energy efficient alternatives, cutting down the amount of waste in the production process, using recycled materials, converting to some solar or wind power, and many others. In addition, in many cases, the initiatives that are implemented may not even be directly part of the product or service that is sold to the company’s customers. These initiatives are, however, very socially responsible. In a paper, answer the following questions:

QUESTION: You are hired as an outside “green consultant.”  How would you convince your client organization to adopt green initiatives that are not a direct part of the product or service sold (i.e. Not the product or service itself but anything used to support manufacturing or delivery of the product/service)?

Formulate your response using the following 5-step process:

I – IDENTIFY the Problem and Set Priorities (Step 1)

D – DEEPEN Understanding and Gather Relevant Information

E – ENUMERATE Options and Anticipate Consequences (Step 3)

A – ASSESS the Situation and Make a Preliminary Decision (Step 4)

S – SCRUTINIZE the Process and Self-Correct as Needed (Step 5)

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