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Evaluation Findings and Interpretation  

Once the evaluation is completed and the findings have been presented, the stakeholders and others will respond to the findings. This response is an important part of the evaluation process. At times the response will require the evaluators to reconsider portions of the evaluation. This needs to be done at a minimum even if findings do not change or change very little to improve delivery of the findings to the stakeholders.  

Imagine your evaluation findings are not very well received by an agency and its administrators. Discuss what you would do so there might be a "reinterpretation." Factors for this feedback on your findings possibly contributing to the administrators' reaction to your interpretation of the findings could be:

  • Change in the perspective of the evaluation
  • Role of politics
  • Ethical concerns
  • Change in the presentation of the findings
  • Presentation targeted to the wrong group of stakeholders

Provide at least two steps you would take to change the initial reaction to your findings.

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