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Name these compounds (a) N2O3 (b) Fe(HCO3)2 (c) Cu2SO4 (d) Ca3(PO4)2 ??

The names are (a) dinitrogen trioxide; (b) iron(II) hydrogen carbonate; (c) copper(I) sulfate; (d) calcium phosphate.

(a) Dinitrogen trioxide

Dinitrogen trioxide is a binary covalent compound. The di tells you that there are 2 N atoms and the tri tells you that there are 3 O atoms. The formula is N₂O₃.

The other are ionic. The names = name of cation + name of anion.

You will have to memorize the formulas and names of the common ions.

(b) Fe(HCO₃)₂

HCO₃⁻ is the hydrogen carbonate ion. Since there are two of these ions, the Fe ion must be Fe²⁺. The name is iron(II) hydrogen carbonate.

(c) Cu₂SO₄

SO₄²⁻ is the sulfate ion. Since it has 2 negative charges, the two copper ions together must have two positive charges. One copper ion then has one positive charge. It must be Cu⁺, the copper(I) ion. The name is copper(I) sulfate.

(d) Ca₃(PO₄)₂

Ca²⁺ is the calcium ion. PO₄³⁻ is the phosphate ion. The name is calcium phosphate.

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