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Need an argumentative essay on A story of sedentary lifestyle. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism.Download file to see previous pages... She lives with her 11 year old daughter, Samantha, who h

Need an argumentative essay on A story of sedentary lifestyle. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism.

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She lives with her 11 year old daughter, Samantha, who has recently been diagnosed with Type II diabetes. Sandy was born in 1984 and has no history of diabetes or other genetic health disorders that she is aware of in her immediate family tree. Due to the fact that she works two jobs and rarely has time to be home, one of the biggest problem that the family of two faces is the fact that they do not have enough time at home to prepare normal or healthful food. This means that almost all of the food that the family eats is premade and necessarily consists of a high percentage of fast food, ready-made microwavable meals, and a high percentage of processed or “junk foods”. Due to this fact alone, the family of two has both gained a large amount of weight and can be considered clinically obese as a result of the lifestyle that they live. However, more importantly than the foods that they eat is the fact that neither one of the two engage in any high degree of physical exertion or exercise. In fact, the fact of the matter is that due to the type of lifestyles that they lead, there is little if any exercise that the two engage upon. As a result of this, Samantha’s doctors have noted that the childhood obesity that Samantha demonstrates is likely a prime culprit for her diabetes and a likely component to an array of other health problems that she will develop in the near future unless an adequate weight loss program is ultimately initiated (Tremblay et al 2010). Sandy’s parents are both middle class professionals who although close to retirement have always lived a healthful life and sought to engage in a proper amount of exercise as a function of keeping themselves fit and in shape. Although Sandy herself knows that this is an important aspect of health and longevity, the fact that she is a single mother working two jobs with hardly enough time to spend with her own daughter as it is without concerning herself with a time consuming gym membership, dedication to healthful eating, or spending a large amount of extra time preparing food, she is somewhat constrained by her given situation. A secondary drawback to the given situation is the fact that Sandy had Samantha when she was just finishing high school and beginning college. As a result of this pregnancy, she never finished her college education and has been relegated to performing a series of rather menial minimum wage jobs just as a way to provide for her family. This lack of education and the fact that Sandy has to work so hard as a means to provide for the two-member family is ultimately the reason that there is little to no time for the two to spend together, little to no time to prepare healthful meals, and little to no time to focus on exercising or other ways of health betterment. Moreover, their level of activity that is experienced on a daily basis can practically be described as nonexistent. Due to the fact that both of the characters of the story come home from work or school and proceed to sit on the couch, watch television, or engage in other actives that involve a great deal of sitting, the two can be adequately defined as having a highly sedentary lifestyle.

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