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Need an argumentative essay on China as a single party state. Needs to be 3 pages. Please no plagiarism.Download file to see previous pages... However, just like with any other single party states, th

Need an argumentative essay on China as a single party state. Needs to be 3 pages. Please no plagiarism.

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However, just like with any other single party states, the party has been under some sharp criticisms over dictatorship resulting in industrial strife among civil servants and opposition from activists “AS WITNESSED IN THE STREETS OF HONG KONG WHEN MARAUDING YOUTHS TOOK TO THE STREETS PROTESTING WHAT THEY TERMED OPRESSIVE LEADERSHIP” (Bruce 19). China has had several political lapses that have resulted in weaker policies therefore higher levels of environmental degradation, unemployment and popular dissatisfaction with the local government among others. The party has a pyramid structure of governance with the base of the pyramid having more people but arguably lesser authority. Through such a structure, the party incorporates everyone into a single party affair through “REPRESENTATION ACHIEVED THROUGH PERIODIC ELECTIO OF PARTY DELEGATES” (Peter 16). At the base are citizens, every Chinese is a member of the political party since it is the sole government in the country. The citizens elect their representatives also referred to as delegates. These come from all the provinces of the country and are directly involved in the operations of the party thus the operations of the country as the central government From the delegates, a number of commissions arise and from the commissions a secretariat is formed. This way, a self-sustaining pyramid arises since every progressive stage narrows down the number of people in it but increases in authority and command. At the apex of the pyramid sits the secretary general of the party. He serves as the mouth piece of the party and communicates the important decisions made by the secretariat. In multiparty societies such as the United States of America, this figure serves as the presidency with all the executive powers and privileges. As a society changes, so should its leaders. China has stuck to the old class of leaders through its imperial presidency that has always been predetermined even before elections. In a way, the ridicule to democracy expressed by the Chinese leaders has contributed to the problems the country faces today. In a single party state, the problems and infightings in the political party automatically become problems of governance. This has been the case in China resulting to indiscriminate treatment of a particular group of people specifically targeted for their express portrayal of their opposition. Just as the name hints, the Chinese Communist Party ascribes to the policies of communism. This political ideology advocates for a collective production and communal sharing of the natural resources. John (36) asserts that “BUREUCRACY OF THE COUNTRY STRIFLES INNITIATIVES AND PROMOTES MEDIOCRITY”. Communism is viewed as irrelevant in the modern society where private life and private property is a reality. This makes some of the ideologies of the party inapplicable today and has contributed to the high rate of corruption of some of the Chinese elite. Because of the doctrines of communism, China faced a number of sanctions especially from the western countries such as Britain and some of her neighbors such as Japan. Some of these sanctions sill affect the country’s economy. The close relationship between the political party and the government in single party state results in effective decision making, the operations of a country rely heavily on the constitution. A single party society lacks a number of watch dogs to the constitution, which results in the ruling class mutilating the document to suit their personal interest.

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