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Need an argumentative essay on Database Information Systems Management. Needs to be 10 pages. Please no plagiarism.Download file to see previous pages... It is good practice during this phase of devel

Need an argumentative essay on Database Information Systems Management. Needs to be 10 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Download file to see previous pages...

It is good practice during this phase of development to endure that the IS progressed to endure the desired benefits and it is bad practice to progress with the development if these desired benefits have not been realized.1 Fortunately in our project the benefits of the stakeholders had been define and benefits realized. These are important aspects of application development because they determine actions of business and IT management.

An example of bad practice in developing such a system is to neglect to define who owns the IS Development. This means the individuals who are or will be responsible for all of the factors encompassing the development of the IS. These individuals include the sponsor, the IT project manager and the users. In retrospect of our project, there was some ambiguity in dedicating ownership of the IS Development. However, after defining the stakeholders the ownership and benefits objectives became clear. This is why it is good practice to set forth who owns the IS Development before progressing.

It is bad practice not to define the stakeholder's role and intended benefits. e IS. A stakeholder is an individual who has an interest in the IS development and the future outcomes it. Our project the intended outcome was that SM is then able to view this Data in information format through computer-generated reports. In analysis of the outcome of the project I found that our current IS was inaccurate and did not go into much depth at all to benefit the end user Senior Management, due to lack of quality and quantity input by students. I also found that the IS itself had great potential, if the recommendations suggested were put in place. This is a good example why it is bad practice not to clearly define the benefits to all of the users, including the end users.

In order to avoid these kind of mistakes and bad practices when developing an IS it is important to think of the development as a process. It is good practice to break the stakeholders down into context when developing the IS. The process includes technology, task, people and the structure or culture. These are all related to one another and it is good practice to think of stakeholder in the context of each of these steps being dependant upon each other.

The technology that will be involved in the change is relative to the task to be performed. These components of the system or process depend on the stakeholders in the activity and Organisation and the structure and culture of the Organisation is important to all of the previous steps. It s bad practice to leave out any of these components and not to recognize that one has to do with the other. If any of these steps are overlooked important benefits to the stakeholders will be neglected and it will result in a faulted IS. It is good practice to think ahead and include everyone and everything you can. As the development progresses these factors can be cut down or omitted.

These good practices for approaches to use when discovering stakeholders could be implemented in an IS for Emergency Medical Services (EMS). The approach that should be used would base its primary concern on patient satisfaction.

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