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Need an argumentative essay on Psychic Bisexuality. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism.Download file "Psychic Bisexuality" to see previous pages... He insisted that nothing about sex could be u

Need an argumentative essay on Psychic Bisexuality. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Download file "Psychic Bisexuality" to see previous pages...

He insisted that nothing about sex could be understood without taking an account of " universal bisexuality of human beings" (1950 179). Psychoneuroses analysis gave him the confirmation of the "postulated existence of an innate bisexual disposition in man" (1908 165-166). For Freud the concept of bisexuality "embarrasses all our enquiries into the subject and makes them harder to describe" (1940a 188).

The concept of bisexuality by Freud were based on the understanding that "all human beings are capable of making a homosexual object-choice" (Freud, 1905,)

fn p. 56), "Bisexuality is a possibility" (Smith) in many cases due to varies reasons. Biological sources gave birth to Freud's theory of bisexuality. Freud explains the boy's wish to be with father as mother during oedipal complex and the untimely sense of phallic activity during pre-oedipal stage, which is a part of their biological disposition.

The basic of psychoanalysis is masochism, refined by Freud. He introduced three kinds of masochism, and feminine masochism, "an expression of the feminine being nature" (p. 161) is required here. It is when an individual inflicts and receives pain during sex and situations like, "being castrated, or copulated with, or giving birth to a baby" (p. 162) are crucial to masochism. Women's beating fantasies also urged Freud to produce the theory of "feminine masochism." Freud was very complicated when it came to gender discussions. He also linked this theory with passivity and called it a "biological fact." He continued that, "Passivity is not a whole of masochism." But it is a major part of it. Men are considered active and passivity is a women's thing. He initiated "feminine" and "moral" factors as secondary masochism. Basically what I gather from his thinking is that passivity is owned by women and that is why her capability of masochism gives her the power to love selflessly as a women and mother. He also considered it as a part of the sexual pleasure which is intense. According to Freud a crucial point he insisted on is that mutation during development may also result in masochism.

What is feminine maturity and why is it more complicated then masculine maturity

Similar yet so different tasks are taken by boys and girls on the way to maturity. This path to maturity constitute of the pre-oedipal, oedipal and post oedipal period. Freud said that "variations in the chronological order and in the linking up of these [pre to post oedipal] events are bound to have a very important bearing on the development of the individual". (Freud 1931 p.79). Freud clarifies the focus of Psychoanalysis in his essay feminity by Freud, "sets about inquiring how she comes into being, how a woman develops out of a child with a bisexual disposition." And he further says, "Undoubtedly, the material is different to start with in boys and girls: the difference in the structure of the genitals is accompanied by other bodily differences". Freud insisted that the sexual development of a girl into a woman is far more complicated than that of a boy. And "it includes two extra tasks to which there is nothing corresponding in the development of a man.

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