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Need an research paper on athletes being role models. Needs to be 16 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Need an research paper on athletes being role models. Needs to be 16 pages. Please no plagiarism. At that time, the existing definition of role models was “someone who demonstrates the appropriate behavior for a specific role or relationship with another person” (Gauntlett 226). Though this description is not complete For example, David Beckham might inspire someone who is not necessarily interested in being a football player. Therefore, a more comprehensive definition of a role model would be someone who tends to inspire and motivate people. Role models edify observers how to behave as well as inspire others to learn how to behave in certain situations. In another study conducted, adolescents and children are drawn to role models not only because of their skills and capabilities but also because they see potential in them.

Sports form an essential part of entertainment and recreation for most people. many of them follow sports religiously and regard athletes as icons. Supporting a team and hoping for it to win becomes a personal cause. In consideration of the profound influence that sports have on the minds of the people, it is often debated whether athletes serve to be good role models or not. Keeping the definition of role models in mind and the impact they have on the psychology of the people, this paper attempts to explore and provide arguments for if athletes make good role models or not. In my opinion, athletes do not make very good role models. I have seen people follow athletes blindly, not thinking whether the attitude of the athletes is justified or not. If the athlete is involved in wrong acts, many people, especially children, tend to follow the athlete. This argument is supported by many people. Athletes have indulged in the illegal use of steroids in order to boast their performance. excessive use of drugs has also led to the deaths of notable sports stars.

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