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Need an research paper on australias engagement to asia. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Need an research paper on australias engagement to asia. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism. Multicultural nations require some level of common national culture that supports a sense of togetherness. Australia realizes that in order to achieve substantial growth, it has to improve its engagement with Asia (Gammage, 2011). The limiting factor to Asian engagement is its national identity. This paper will, therefore, focus on what Australia has to go through as a European nation in Asia.

Australia has been interpreted as the ‘satellite society’ of large metropolitan America. It has been described as the economic and victim of Americanization or American cultural imperialism and as a ‘client state’ of the United States. It is perceived as a fragment of America’s informal domain. At the very least, it is seen as future America, that is, a smaller and slightly stunted country pursuing the American path to newness and modernity. Howard’s government reaffirmed Australia’s cultural distinctiveness and identity in the region. The focus on ties with the US emphasized its national identity as a Western nation. It placed a strong emphasis on bilateral relationships as the basic and important building blocks of the country’s foreign relations. He emphasized on realism, bilateralism and pragmatism. Labor had focused on regional institutional building. Howard, however, identified key bilateral relationships: China, the US, Japan and Indonesia. Howard asserted that closer engagement with Asia did not require reinventing Australia’s identity or abandoning traditions and values that defined the society of Australia (Moran, 2011). This had a negative impact on its close ties with Asia.

The recognition of Australian and British shared histories and cultural aspects is fundamental to a comprehension of the Anglo-Australian relations.&nbsp.

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