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Need an research paper on describe this pic. Needs to be 1 page. Please no plagiarism.

Need an research paper on describe this pic. Needs to be 1 page. Please no plagiarism. 6 November Wooden Art Sculpture The photo chosen was of an art piece of a sculpture of a man made of wood. Itappears to be a very large piece. It appears to be the equivalent size of a real person. While any sculpture could be a bit more lifelike, this particular one made of wood that are like little pieces of odds and ends is more abstract.

I chose this particular photo to observe because I am fascinated how the little bits and pieces have been placed together almost like an odd shaped puzzle. While it does not appear that the figure or man is doing anything, you can still tell it is a person. It reminds me of the game, Jenga, with wooden blocks placed here and there. It almost seems that if one was to pull one out, that the whole thing would fall apart and be completely un-whole.

I think that this is a really creative and very modern statue. While it is not a work of art that I would ever place in my home, it is truly a piece that makes you stop and just look at it in awe. I think to myself, “How did the artist do that?” Every piece is stained to perfection to match each of the other pieces. There is no telling where the arms are, except maybe by the sides of the trunk of the body or perhaps it is even an armless figure. The legs on which this sculpture stands are prominent though very skinny, with a few single little blocks holding it in its standing form. I just really like it because it is so unique and unlike anything I have seen.

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