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Need an research paper on effective communication in business setting and their caveats. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Need an research paper on effective communication in business setting and their caveats. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism. Business communication is not only limited to the presentation. It encompasses the whole organization and transcends to every aspect in an organization where each component, materials, human resources, information are synchronized to attain the organization’s objective.

The prevailing notion about the presentation is incomplete just does not work and this paper will attempt to discuss the various facets of organizational communication that would make it more effective and relevant.

III. Communication in business

Business communications are often reduced to PowerPoint presentations. Even with this limited perspective about communication, it is even ineffective because it does not engage the audience (Hynes and Stretcher, 2008). Most business presentations aren’t memorable. They look the same. They sound the same. Poor structure. Too long. Too boring. And if a business presentation isn’t engaging, and it isn’t memorable, how can it be effective? The key to an effective presentation doesn’t design, but psychology and pedagogy. Pretty pictures are only the start. (Crawford, 2011).

Communication is the bedrock of an organization. It became an organization because of people who are linked together through an agreed structure of hierarchy and functions that share a similar objective (Woods, 2004). Communication is the medium to relay the greater objectives of the organization and the enabler that makes team and organization function effectively and efficiently. It is used also to convince outside audiences such as suppliers, customers, and various stakeholders that would align them to the business objectives (Adler, 2010).

a. Developing and Organizing the Presentations

Most ineffective presentations were not crafted well during the drawing board and this resulted in the unstructured delivery of the presentation. As a result of its unstructured and disorganized presentation, it left the audience wondering what the presentation is trying to say and disengages the audience in the process (Denning and Dew, 2012). To effectively develop the presentation, it has to be organized in the planning stage to keep the essentials and to be able to find ways to make the presentation simple and clear.

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