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Need an research paper on grievance process. Needs to be 8 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Need an research paper on grievance process. Needs to be 8 pages. Please no plagiarism. The research objective correlates with the desire and aim of management to develop productive and satisfactory procedures for improving service quality. The goal system of an organisation is based on the aspirations that drive the current practices, and the complex hierarchy of interconnected goals is defined by the desires and aims supported by other aims (Eden and Ackerman 1998).

The aim of this research is to critically evaluate the grievance and disciplinary process to ensure that it is a viable and strategic management resource for understanding employee, management and organisation relationships (Davenport 1995). The outline of objectives is based on the following literature review. The literature review was used to first develop a framework for consistent theories in strategic management. Therefore, the objectives are approached from a human interaction standpoint and not a political, legal or implied quantitative position.

The rational planning school defines the objective in advance by determining the current strategic position, and then using a prescriptive approach that exemplifies the strategic analysis, development and implementation (Lynch 2000). This is a strong foundation of the research proposal as the perspective approach is a systematic method that follows in sequence (Lynch 2000). This is used as a cyclic approach to a series of rationales instead of being sequential, and is most often seen in organisations where environment and strategy are constantly analysed (Lynch 2000).

To find information regarding accounting management practices, qualitative data will be collected. This allows for an evaluation of the results to be made on the empirical views and new information to be gathered in a timely and inexpensive manner where other methods are based on information that is already in existence. Examining the components of the grievance process will collect qualitative data. Collection of information will be from theoretical management review and the relationship to Mersey Care NHS Trust grievance and disciplinary procedure.

Outline of Key Concerns

In the socially motivated health care industry, strategic management must look beyond functionality and towards a support system for innovation, developing core competencies and knowledge based communication. Breaking from the traditional mindset to incorporate a strategic plan that is focused on encouraging an employees knowledge-based value often includes training, reward systems, and encouragement (Harrison and Enz p45 2005).

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