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Need an research paper on internet-based psychological interventions. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Need an research paper on internet-based psychological interventions. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism. Internet Intervention Proposal With the growth of technologies in the modern world we cannot deny the fact that avoiding technological advantages would be definitely unwise. This means that it is possible and even useful to involve them in different aspects of human realms of activity. Internet intervention is an efficient method to help people with health disorders for many reasons (Ritterband et al. 2003 pag.527). still this approach causes a lot of issues that must be solved before letting it grow as legally accepted.

The realm where Internet intervention could be most useful is Psychology as it requires the interactions that often may not need any eye-to-eye communication. Moreover, it frequently happens that many people don’t ask for psychological help because of their fear that some strange person would know something deeply personal about them. From this point, Internet intervention is the best solution for such people. The area of self-determination of human could benefit from internet interaction most. The point is that people often feel themselves lost and they need somebody to help them to determine who they are in order to understand the essences of their lives. Thus the proposed internet intervention is about dealing with such psychological problem as self-determination.

One of the most suitable ways to construct such Internet intervention is creating a website (Ibid. pag.527) which team would deal with people who need psychological help in determining themselves, for example, analyzing of their personalities, mental traumas, fears and fetishisms, preferences and talents. All the data would be analyzed by professional psychologists in order to combine the clients’ world views and characteristics which would help them in defining their callings or career abilities etc. The collecting of the data could happen in different ways: tests, online consultation using such services as Skype or messengers, providing clients with written information like articles and professionals’ essays on the most commonly problematic topics of such psychological problems. The interventions are totally personalized but there can be an option of group therapy and it is according to a customer whether he or she wants to participate in them anonymously or not. Internet functions make it such way of therapy without any personal contact between a psychologist and his client possible.

The effectiveness of the intervention would be tested in the most obvious way which is feedback. In order to collect the data of effectiveness every client that accepts participation in the project would be obligated to fulfill a special anonymous quiz about how helpful are the measures of the intervention’s specialists.

Of course, such Internet intervention could cause certain ethical and legal issues, as any other intervention like this (Ibid. pag.530). First of all, the policies that protect people’s anonymity and terms and conditions of proceeding of personal data should be legal and documented. Creators of such an Internet intervention should register the service as it is a kind of psychological consultation and it deals with too personal information. In order to provide a completely ethical approach for clients, there must be certified specialist only who are supposed to work on the project, as people should know that they trust the consultants and their personal information is safe.


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