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Need an research paper on the transition process in hospital. Needs to be 1 page. Please no plagiarism.

Need an research paper on the transition process in hospital. Needs to be 1 page. Please no plagiarism. The Transition Process in Hospital

It is the nurses' responsibility to ensure that the transition process of the patient is successful. This is through four principal intervention priorities which ensure that proper health care is achieved. The nurse teams up with the physician and the patient in changing the location of treatment, mainly from the hospital to home care. The first priority is focusing on the patients understanding by offering them with the necessary information. The nurse should educate the family and the older adult patient on the required mode of care and ensure that each member understands the discharge plan. Another main strategy is assisting the patients in managing and preventing their health decline. The nurse should assure the patient of extended home follow-ups to the appropriate time. The care given should be consistent and continuous in order to gain confidence from an individual. As a result, proper guidance is facilitated by the nurses in charge (Silvestri, 2010).

In addition, nurses should ensure that the medical records are reconciled and well managed. All information regarding the patient’s health progress while at the hospital should be put into durable and easily accessed records. The administration of medication should be conducted at the indicated time and in the right doses. Therefore, the nurse facilitates the availability of medicine at home to avoid situations where improper treatment occurs. Importantly, points of accountability should be established where care is well offered to the patient. Nurses should use professional care and case management coordination for a fulfilling transitional process that effective. The importance of this process cannot be overlooked as it is key to full recovery. Therefore, prioritizing the steps is a vital factor as they all create a safe and clean transition. Many hospitals use the evidence based model for efficient patient delivery (Silvestri, 2010).


Silvestri, L. A. (2010). Saunders comprehensive review for NCLEX-RN examination. Philadelphia, Pa: Saunders.

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