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Need an research paper on web application development. Needs to be 8 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Need an research paper on web application development. Needs to be 8 pages. Please no plagiarism. A view asks for information from the model in order to create an output representation. A controller sends commands to the model causing the model to change the model state or it can send commands to view to update on the view’s model representation (Dooley, 2011).

MVC has separated the site's core functionality from human-computer interaction. The developer has separated the core functionality of the website from its behavior. Some portions of the website model’s functionality are visible to the user through the controller.

Implementation of change generation mechanism by providing procedures to permit views and controllers to support change generation mechanism. Once a change occurs, the model procedures that caused the model’s state change calls the notify procedure.

Creation of multiple views belonging to the same model. MVC clearly distinguishes the user interface components from the model. This has allowed the implementation of multiple views using a single model. During the run time of the website multiple views open at the time while the views operate (are opened and closed) dynamically.

The website employs synchronized views where the model change generation mechanism guarantees that changes to application data are relayed to all the attached observers. By so doing all the views and controllers that are dependent become synchronized.

Views and controllers are ‘pluggable’, where the abstract separation nature of MVC gives the developer mandate to substitute objects (view and controller) of a model. This exchange is also extended to user interface objects at run time.

Exchangeability. The website model is free from external control and constraint of user interface code making the migration of the MVC website to a different platform does not have an effect upon the functional core of the website. What is required is view and controller components for the new platforms.

Framework potential for the creation of a dynamic view.&nbsp.

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