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Need help with my writing homework on Development of Knowledge and Skills at Work. Write a 2250 word paper answering;

Need help with my writing homework on Development of Knowledge and Skills at Work. Write a 2250 word paper answering; Besides that, during my placement at Chisou Nights Bridge, I also worked at the bar when the bartender was off. the restaurant was short of bar staff. I was able to observe and perform various things that were happening at the restaurant giving me practical experience.

Chisou Nights Bridge offers authentic Japanese cuisine. Some of the foods served at the restaurant include Ankimo Ponzu, avocado, and sashimi salad, seafood marinated in traditional Japanese vinaigrette, chicken teriyaki, beef teriyaki, bluefin fatty tuna, age gyoza, egg custard, spicy miso and topped with a raw quails, flying fish roe, butterfish, braised eel, bluefin fattest tuna, and cold fresh tofu served with ginger, among others (Chisou, 2015).

Eraut (2006, p.54) affirms that work placements offer contexts that are different for learning than those provided within colleges and universities. People learn in various ways. At the workplaces, learning is informal and occurs as a by-product of engaging in work processes as well as activities. Proceeding further, Eraut et al. (2010, p.45) assert that work experience assists you to clarify&nbsp.the type of work that best suits you, provide you with new knowledge and skills, boost your resume, enhance your confidence, provide you with experience which you can refer to in a job interview, increase the number of people who can assist you secure a bob in the future, and may also lead to an employment offer at the end of the work experience placement.

One fine afternoon while doing my duty as the head waitress, I headed to the kitchen so as to manage the food orders since lunchtime was rush hour. Four gentlemen and one lady all of the Japanese origin entered the hotel and ordered their foods. Since it was lunchtime, I figured out that all of them would order for sushi. One of them ordered for boiled spinach rolls that were seasoned with light soy sauce sprinkled with bonito flakes.&nbsp.The other two gentlemen ordered for deep fried soft shell crab to be served with an authentic ponzu dip.&nbsp.

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