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Need help with my writing homework on Encounter point. Write a 1250 word paper answering;

Need help with my writing homework on Encounter point. Write a 1250 word paper answering; The ownership claims over Jerusalem by Muslims and Jews seems to be the major issue involved in Israel-Palestine dispute.

“Encounter point” is a 2006 award-winning film directed by Ronit Avni and Julia Bacha. It is about people, who have dedicated their lives to trying to resolve the Israeli Palestinian conflict through non-violence means. Non-violence was the ideology through which Mahatma Gandhi succeeded in removing British colonialism from Indian soil. The film “Encounter point” discusses the possibility of implementing that ideology in settling the issues between Israel and Palestine. This paper analyses various dimensions of the Israel-Palestine conflict as portrayed in the film encounter.

In my opinion, the film is not portraying the conflict as between two equal or symmetrical parties. In fact the film describes Israel as the dominant party and the Palestinians as the receiving party. There are many scenes in the film in which wounded Palestinians express their bitterness against the Israelis. At the same time there are no scenes which describe any wounded Israeli blaming the Palestinians at the rehabilitation center. The above fact clearly suggests that the intention of the director of this film was never to portray the clashes between Israel and Palestine as a clash between two equal forces.

The film is definitely unbalanced even though some perceive it as favoring the Palestinian side while others as favoring the Israeli side. “In one scene a Palestinian makes the claim the IDF put poison on their bullets. There is no Israeli to rebut that unlikely claim, nor to mention the fact that suicide bombers add metal bolts and screws to their explosives to maximize civilian casualties” (Gates). In other words, the film says many things about the massacres of Israeli soldiers. At the same time, it says nothing about the suicide bombers from the Palestinian side.

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