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Need help with my writing homework on Festivals in Canadian Cities. Write a 3750 word paper answering;

Need help with my writing homework on Festivals in Canadian Cities. Write a 3750 word paper answering; It can be seen that there is a specific agenda related to Canadian culture when looking at the festivities practiced. Background of Festivals in Canada The festivities that are in Canada are divided by specific observances for various occasions. The first way in which this is divided is by the rituals that have been observed by indigenous cultures that are in Canada. While this isn’t observed nationally and practiced by the majorities, there are still groups that observe seasonal festivities and religious festivals for different needs within the community. The festivals in Canada began to grow and change with the immigration that occurred throughout the 1700s and which formed present day Canada. The religious and cultural festivals of France began to be observed in the land. Religious processions, such as Christmas, were added in as observations from the church and other components which related directly to the religious beliefs of those that came to Canada. As the population grew into a more diverse set of groups, were also changes in religious festivals and observations, all which were based on the cultural and religious beliefs that were practiced by different groups (Riendeau, 60). The religious festivals that grew into the mainstream of Canadian culture were followed by ethnic and cultural identities that became a part of the different social aspects of society. These began to grow specifically after World War II when a large influx of immigrants moved to Europe. This was followed by statements in politics which created a belief that Canada accepted equal rights among all ethnicities. When this was proposed, a growth in ethnic and cultural festivals became a part of Canada. This was followed by different reasons for having festivals. Economic stimulation is one of the main reasons why the festivities began to grow in Canada. For instance, holidays such as Valentines Day are observed not only as an expression of love but also as a time for gift giving in Canada and to provide stimulation to the economy. Folklore is combined with this as a part of the ethnic spectacle to create a defined part of the holidays. Self – definition of immigrants is followed with this as well as ethnicities having the desire to educate others about a specific culture or tradition. Another reason is to have forms of entertainment available for those who are interested in performances and celebration within the community (Bramadat, 3). Carnival de Quebec The Carnival de Quebec is one of the largest events held in Canada and is celebrated each year to bring in the winter. The festival lasts for 17 days and is the third largest festival in the world. The carnival began hundreds of years ago in Europe to welcome in the spring and to allow farmers to have a chance to pray that the animals would remain healthy as the seasons changed. The main concept with the festival was related to the idea of change of seasons, years and of the main occurrences throughout society. The French association with this was passed through not only with the Carnival de Quebec, but also is related to the Mardi Gras that is celebrated in New Orleans every year. The association with bringing in a different season remains the main component that is celebrated throughout each region (Morales, 13).

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