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Need help with my writing homework on Tang Dynasty Culture Art. Write a 250 word paper answering;

Need help with my writing homework on Tang Dynasty Culture Art. Write a 250 word paper answering;  Tang Dynasty

During the tang period, gradual improvement of the earthenware and stoneware is seen. For many years, continued efforts have been on the way to try to make bodies cleaner, harder and whiter. During this period, the clay bodies were kaolinitic and supplemented with other ingredients that helped them towards vitrification.

The animals that were frequently found in Tang ceramics were created using so many molds and then by putting the pieces together and strengthening those areas with clay plugs on the inside to try to reduce strain on the joints. During this period, it was featured with enghlitement in trade and peace with other foreign nations. Evidence of these foreigners is seen in the figures on tombs during this time. Several nationalities were noted in the pottery. Importation of horses also marked this period, and this period was famously known for its horses that were displayed in its funerary artwork (Ebrey, pg. 127)

The most common form of pottery that was famous during this time was the globular jars and offering trays that had horizontal rims. Because of the vast nature of china as a country, the ceramics were varying from one region to the other during this period. In the northern central region, the stoneware is seen to be fine, and the common practice was covering it with a thin whitish slip. In the east and southeast region, the pottery is stouter with short straight spout that is set on the shoulder.

During this period, there is also curious interest in the transmutation glaze in which the high-fired stoneware is seen to change its colors to kilns. This is seen especially when the blue or gray place flecks are applied to a dark or brown background that resembles tea-dusk. The dynasty of tang was crucial in the ceramics development and the contribution of clay bodies, glaze techniques and firing methods. Many of which they are still used today.

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