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Need help with my writing homework on The Relationship with Dad. Write a 2000 word paper answering;

Need help with my writing homework on The Relationship with Dad. Write a 2000 word paper answering; It seemed he was always waiting to tell me just what it was I was lacking or how much what I was doing was leading me to "nowhere good." Even when he left me alone, he was always there, impossible to ignore, a permanent end to my good time. Dad had that effect on people. Growing up, I resented him for that. Why couldn't he be cool and look the other way sometimes? It took a real emergency while I was in high school for me to realize how that hard rock I knew as my father hid a warm, passionate center and to make me realize how he had used that rock and that heat to shape me into a better human being as an adult.

Throughout my childhood, I participated in a variety of sports and activities. I think I was looking for something my father knew nothing about and had zero interest in learning. The way I figured it, he couldn't tell me I was wrong if he was a newbie, too. He would have to go along with whatever the coaches, directors, or other organizers told him. Maybe it's a blessing, but I considered it a curse that my dad is interested in all kinds of things. Just because he didn't know about it before I started didn't mean he wouldn't start learning about it when I took an interest. There I'd be, running for everything I was worth on the cross-country team, and he'd be there along the sidelines near the finish line - "Come on! Give it the extra effort now! Don't hold back!" Some of the other kids said they never heard their parents at that point. they were too exhausted and busy trying to keep their lungs from bursting. I was cursed again because I understood every word that came to me in that big, booming voice of his with the crackle of tension lying just under the surface. It only ever came out when he was on the sidelines or really, really angry at home. Maybe that's why I always felt like I was running away from a beating even though he never delivered one. I'm sure it wasnt because of my running speed. Gasping for air and trying to keep breakfast in my stomach, he would walk up to me and tell&nbsp.me how I could improve my pace, increase my speed, correct my form, or something else equally irritating.

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