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Need Project Help ASAP!

The following is the details written on the project description paper I was given.

Money Talks

Pick any aspect of the National Football League and/or Las Vegas and compile some interesting statistics and comparisons to discuss with the class.

Examples could include gambling (maybe on football?), the size of the NFL, NFL salaries, advertising, how casinos make money, information pertaining Las Vegas entertainers, etc...

Please come up with relevant comparative statistics and show me what you can do the math required to obtain the numbers you use.

One page should be enough if you decide not to use Power Point, but it must contain multiple statistics and comparisons (3 or more), be typed, neat, and easy to follow using complete sentences and with all work shown (work may be typed or not, but must be very neat and organized).

Due: Monday 1/9/17

10 Points


I do not understand what I should research and how I should format it along with what I should compare. I'm pretty much asking if you can be my "partner" with the project.

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