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Network essay exam 2

1) Explain the IT processes, techniques, devices, and components of requesting and responding to a Web page inquiry; assume the client is an android smartphone and the Web page is found.

Provide sufficient detail to demonstrates understanding.

Topics that should be addressed include but are not limited to:

• Client/Server environment with dedicated Web server, separate database server, & use of Proxies


• DNS (why needed? Difference url & IP Address)

• TCP/IP Layers (name & function/purpose)

• TCP/IP Layer movement need only be explained in detail once – must have some kind of statement addressing “reverse” process but may be void of same level of detail already expressed in response

• Routers (functions & decisions)

• Security (HTTPS, SSL)

• Ports (80)

• etc.

Ch 8 p225-227

2) Explain the IT processes, techniques, devices, and components of requesting retrieval of a customer’s record from an enterprise database that DIFFER from the Web request above

Provide sufficient detail to demonstrates understanding. Limit response to items that are different

Hints: Internal vs External possibility? Assume Intranet login plus app-specific login required to access Customer app

Port Number

Differentiated Service traffic (Ch 11)

Message Passing Ch 9 p257

3) Explain SOA

Provide sufficient detail that demonstrates understanding –

including what it is, what it does, how it operates, what is and is not included,

why a business would apply it e.g. benefits,

how it is different from and/or similar to Object Oriented Programming & Middleware

4) Compare and contrast the security techniques:


Describe function, what is protected, what is NOT protected, where (TCP/IP Model layer and/or communication process) applied for each term and identify any relationships (e.g. HTTP & SSL, VPN & IPSec both apply encryption to ensure security, etc.)

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