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Organizational Change Intervention

Organizational Situation/Backstory

Teachers do not express the purpose of their teaching to the students. Teachers will state the purpose of their lesson lies within the district curriculum, but the curriculum does not state purpose, it states the skills for each class and grade level. There is need for intervention because students are not leaving each grade level, or the high school, prepared to handle real world scenarios utilizing critical thinking and are unable to defend their opinions with evidence. Communicating the purpose to students makes the lesson, and subsequent learning, personally relevant, increasing engagement and knowledge of the individual, subsequently the class, school, and district.

Veteran teachers (5+ years experience at this campus) recycle old lessons, workbook pages, copies, and emphasize rules that are no longer relevant to our current student body.  The problem is manifests in our veteran teachers, but extends to new teachers because of mandatory team planning (veteran teachers simply hand the recycled lessons to new teachers and disregard new ideas because it takes “too much time to plan”), but it is rooted in administration. Admin does not attend our meetings, require lesson plans, check our websites/student communication and assignments, and they do not observe more than required by the state (One 45 minute observation, Two 15 minute walk throughs all year).

Interventions need to take place with administration, district subject specialist,  and teachers (veteran and novice) to implement required lesson plans, up-to-date websites and student resources/assignments, and include a defined purpose communicated to students daily to connect thematically and with current events for most effective and relevant, student-lead learning.

Directions for assignment

Develop and propose, but do not carry out for this course, an organizational development intervention(s) other than training for the above scenario. (Training may be used to support an intervention, but should not be used as the intervention itself.)

The intervention proposal will assume that you have already done the diagnosis. Therefore, the intervention(s) proposed should be a change effort that includes more than just diagnostic activities such as interviews or a climate survey.

Describe in detail two planned interventions and the justification for choosing them. Paper should be at least 3 pages (not including cover page, abstract, references, etc.) written in APA 6th addition format with at least 2 external references.

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