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Paper is about : Gabriel Garcia Marquez's "A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings" Topic for Paper 1: How is a theme represented in a short story?

Paper is about :  Gabriel Garcia Marquez's "A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings"

Topic for Paper 1: How is a theme represented in a short story?


  • To demonstrate understanding of theme through its application to a piece of literature
  • To create a paper with a clear thesis, concrete literary evidence, and logical organization
  • To demonstrate control over sentence level construction by writing in standard American English
  • To demonstrate control over documentation of in-text source material and developing a Work Cited page in the style of MLA formatting
  • To demonstrate metacognition in the process of writing

General Instructions:

Critical Reading Strategies and Selection of Topic: During Week 1, we will cover strategies to help you with critical reading, including techniques for reading and annotating digital materials. To prepare you for working with your topic for the paper, you will work on these strategies in Week 1 (and throughout the course). During Week 1, we will also cover the concept of theme and the genre of the short story, and you will choose your short story and theme from the list provided by your instructor.

Thesis: Your thesis statement should include the story and the theme. We will workshop the thesis of your paper during Week 2 in the discussions. Outlining and organizational strategies will also be covered.

Development: The development or body of the paper will focus on analyzing how the meaning of the theme is shown in the story. During Week 3, we will workshop strategies for developing body paragraphs in the discussion.

Sentence Level and MLA: Your writing should be carefully proofed for sentence-level concerns. It should be formatted and documented according to MLA documentation in the form of parenthetical citations and a Works Cited page (work from an anthology). During Week 4, we will workshop these areas in the discussion.

Hints: Remember that your reader has read the story and is familiar with it. You do not have to spend time on summary. Instead, your development should explain and analyze how the theme is demonstrated in your story.

Special Hint about Plot: Be aware that a paper about a piece of literature is NOT a plot summary.  Your plot summary, if you must have one, should provide only the details necessary to highlight the parts of the story which help to develop your paper, such as a short paragraph of five to six sentences.

Reflection: When complete, upload your work to the Assignment Folder within the link "Paper 1" by the deadline. On a separate page of your submission, provide an overview of your writing process for this essay. Also note two areas which you would like feedback on, such as thesis statement and topic sentences.

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