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Comfort Transportation Pte Ltd, commonly known as Comfort, is a taxi company owned by Comfort Delgo Corporation Ltd. With the Advent of the sharing Economy, Singapore"s taxi industry has been significantly disrupted.( see http://www.todayonline.com/singapore/coping-technological-disruption-taxi-industry)

1) Using publicly available information and data, propose business goals for Comfort that will address the challegers the company and industry as a whole is facing. (100-150 words)


2)Conduct an organisational training needs analysis to determine the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for realising the business goals proposed in Part(1). Report your findings. (250-300 words)

- TNA training needs

3)Conduct a atsk (functional) analysis to determine the observable actions and tacit cognative function needed for proficiency (and perhaps even excellence) in the identified job tasks. Report your findings. (250-300 words)

-choose 2 functional 

4)Conduct indicidual learning needs analysis to determine the employee's performance gaps as compared against the findings of the task analysis . Report your findings.(250-300 words)

Word limit 1200 words

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