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Please carefully read all of these instructions and then send in our offers. This needs to be completed on time and without error.

Answer the following questions in a Word document with at least 50 to 75 words for each question. You should include the questions as headings in your work. Make sure your document is in APA format with proper headings and page numbers. Make sure you have proper in-text citations and references for all information taken from outside sources, even if you put it in your own words. Make sure to have a reference page in APA format.

1. What is your belief about how our world and the creatures in it were created? Is your adult belief the same as your childhood belief?

2. What similarities did you find in the creation stories we read this week to your beliefs? Cite specific myths from our readings and provide examples with citations.

3. What are the implications of the similarities in these stories?

4. Why do you think humans want to know their origins or the origins of their world? Why is this an important question?

5. Of the different types of creation stories mentioned in our readings like secretion stories, etc., which did you find most interesting and why? Does your idea of creation match any of these paradigms for creation? Which one?

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