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Please follow directions or I will dispute!!!3 page minimum will submit paper in plagiarism checkerWeek1 & Week2 Lesson objectivesStudents will be able to:Introduce concepts of death dying and grief.

Please follow directions or I will dispute!!!

3 page minimum 

will submit paper in plagiarism checker

Week1 & Week2 Lesson objectives

Students will be able to:

  • Introduce concepts of death dying and grief.  
  • Describe role of Child Life and supporting roles in grief support in pediatric settings.
  • Evaluate theories of human growth and development, death, dying and grief. 
  • Describe coping behaviors specific to various age groups and populations. 
  • Describe common fears, misconceptions and concerns of individuals in each developmental stage

Read Hannah’s Gift: Lessons from a Life Fully Lived(link below)

Write a reflection paper (3 pages) about any issues, needs, conflicts, theories that you have learned in the readings and class discussions to date. 

If you have read this book before, or have personal experience with death, dying or grief in a pediatric setting (& are comfortable sharing), please note what new insights and awareness you have based on the readings and discussions. 

What did the book say about death, dying, loss, and grief?

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