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Please respond to this post. 250 Words. APA cites no older than 3 years old. Grading criteria in schools is a challenging discussion and topic. Supporting evidence shows that many schools colle

Please respond to this post.  250 Words.   APA cites no older than 3 years old. 

Grading criteria in schools is a challenging discussion and topic.  Supporting evidence shows that many schools colleges specifically are aiming toward such broad expansions that in turn are leading to lower expectations in grading policies in high schools (Clack, 2011).  In order to better support student’s goals and potential of personal achievement it is important to maintain a high level of grading standards and policies.  In some cases there are instances in which a variation or deviation from the institutions grading policy can be necessary but those requirements must be written out clearly in specialized learning plans.  Students should be expected to get what they earn through study habits, class room participation and assessments.

                Methods of grading policies should be based on the grade that the student earns whether it is an A-F to provide for realistic achievements and life goals.  If a student receives a grade that is inflated so that the letter grade changes in the upward direction the end result could lead to a false perception of the student’s ability and knowledge.  The ultimate goal of education is to lead people to successful and fulfilling careers; therefore a less than realistic grade report can lead to underqualified college students that never formed habits that led towards academic success or employees that are not prepared for their chosen careers (He, 2012).  When grade level polices are reduced they found it does not encourage more studying time because the students who were already high achieving were still utilizing the same habits academically, however it created a conflict in distinguishing the students actual achievement levels when levels were higher (Clack, 2011).

He, A. (2012, April 2). Grade inflation: Killing innovation. [Web log post]. Retrieved from:

Clack, J. W. (2011, May). Studying and grades: When less is more and more is less. Bioscene, 29-30. 

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