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Please review the Case of Corporate Renewal: This case study looks into how an organization might diagnose change.

Please review the Case of Corporate Renewal: Meeting 1 attached. This case study looks into how an organization might diagnose change. I have listed several models for guiding the diagnosis of change in the organization below. Which of these approaches to change makes the most sense to you as the change agent in the case? Select one model and explain how you would interpret its value to you and Accent Systems Tech, IncCongruence Model – Model is based on the conceptualization of the organization as a transformation process.The Four Frame Model – Managers benefit by analysing organizations from the perspective of different frames or lenses, each of which provides a different angle. Six Box Model includes: purpose, structure, rewards, helpful mechanisms, etc. Pestel: It can be a starting point for an organization that has not given attention to the trends that may impact on its future operations.Scenario Analysis a description of some future state based on a set of assumptions about what is likely to happen in regard to a number of key factors. The Star Model includes: strategy, structure, process, and lateral capability, etc. The Elements of Strategy a framework that characterizes the strategy of an organization in terms of elements that should be mutually reinforcing.The Strategic Inventory committing resources to various activities based on assumptions, premises, and beliefs about an organization’s environment.The 7-S Model includes; structure, style, skills, super-ordinate goals, etc.Burke-Litwin Model a 12 factor model. Planned change should flow from the top of the model to the bottom.

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