POS 410 Entire Course

In this work of POS 410 Entire Course you will find the next docs:

POS-410 Week 2 Individual Assignment Table Queries.doc
POS-410 Week 3 Individual Assignment - Data Changes and SQL Statements.doc
POS-410 Week 3 Team Assignment - Define SQL - Chart of Accounts Spreadsheet.doc
POS-410 Week 4 Individual Assignment - Individual Assignment SQL Reports.doc
POS-410 Week 4 Team Project - Account Number Query.doc
POS-410 Week 5 Final Project - Chart of Accounts Exel.xls
POS-410 Week 5 Final Project - Chart of Accounts.mdb
POS-410 week 5 Final.mdb
POS-410 week 5 Kudler Fine Foods Balance Sheet.doc
POS-410 Week 5 Table Queries.doc
POS-410 Week 5 Team Paper Final - Kudler Fine Food.doc
POS-410 Week 5 Test Queries.doc

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